While we’re unable to run our usual 10k this year, we are running a new event for 2020, the Pangbourne 10k – Your Way. This aims to raise much needed funds for the school and is open to everyone, whether you’re a regular runner or just looking to stay fit and have fun.

The event encourages increased fitness for runners, parents, carers and friends of Pangbourne Primary School – as well as for the children themselves!

To take part in the Pangbourne 10k – Your Way, all you need to do is travel 10k however you want between Sunday 20 September and Sunday 18 October – as an individual, a family or a team. We have a speed race, and personal challenge races.

You can be sponsored, sponsor another runner, make a donation or simply join in at no cost and share your experiences with FOPPS. Children can join in too and run whatever distance they like.

Entry costs £17.50 or £15.00 if club affilated

We are delighted to announce that Mrs Fry, the headteacher of Pangbourne Primary School,
is running the 10k Her Way, and you can sponsor her too!

It’s a two step process to get involved.

1) Make your donation, or sponsor a runner at Justgiving below.

If you want to be sponsored to run the race, you can set up your own personal page at the JustGiving link (Click the orange. “Start Fundraising” button on the right). You can then share your page and personal story with your friends and family to collect sponsorship on our behalf.

If you’d like to compete for prizes in the speed race or receive a medal for your run, simply raise or donate a minimum of £15 per adult or £5 per child. Once you have raised your money and run your race, register your details and share your pictures at Surveymonkey below

Prizes are available for first place in the six different categories of the speed race, with a special prize for our Unusual 10k.

What are we raising money for?

One of the top priorities for Pangbourne Primary School in 2020/2021 is to replace all of the interactive whiteboards in all the classrooms. We’ve already replaced three, but have five more to fund, at a cost of £2000 each. We also hope to fund another 30 Chromebooks, allowing each child in a class to use an individual ICT device, and access online and interactive educational tools in the classroom.

Rules of the Pangbourne 10k Your Way

The Pangbourne 10k Your Way event encourages anyone to get involved and run or walk 10k, while raising money for Pangbourne Primary School via the PTA, FOPPS (Friends of Pangbourne Primary School). You can do your run any time between Sunday 20 September and Sunday 18 October. There are different categories for adults, teams, families and children.

Anyone can take part for free and just enjoy the exercise! If you would like to, share your photos or experiences of  running with FOPPS via www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/H8B3LPW or by emailing 10k@fopps.org.uk and we will use a selection of images and stories on our Facebook page, Instagram and website.

In order to qualify for a medal, adults (18+) must raise or donate £15 min. All monies raised should go through the JustGiving site. justgiving.com/campaign/fopps10k

Children only need to raise £5 each to qualify for the children’s medal.

If you’d like to be sponsored, ask your sponsors to include your name when they use the JustGiving site justgiving.com/campaign/fopps10k

Decide which category you would like to enter and then fill in the SurveyMonkey form at

You will need to provide your name and address so we can send out your medal.

Move 10k between Sept 20-Oct 18 – if you are entering the time challenge race provide your race time with a Mapmyrun/ Strava/ any other running app screenshot.

You can choose to share photos of your run. Please confirm whether you agree to your image being used on FOPPS.org.uk, Facebook or Instagram.

Medals will be is posted out after October 18, once the FOPPS team has verified the qualifying entries

The Route (approx)

Race Categories

ADULTS (18 and over)

Challenge 1: Run 10k – Speed Race – Pangbourne 10k Route

At any point between 20 September and 18 October, run the Pangbourne 10k route above. 

Submit a screenshot of your running tracking app showing that you ran this 10k route, including your finish time, to enter the Speed Race.

For those raising sponsorship/providing a donation of more than £15, you will receive a medal and be eligible for trophies.

While virtual, this is still a race, so the fastest runner in each of the following categories will receive a

Male Open & Female Open
Male Veteran / Female Veteran (40+)
Male Super-Vet / Female Super-Vet (50+)

Results of the Speed Race will be published on the FOPPS website so you can compare your finish
time with your fellow runners.

Disclaimer: The Pangbourne 10k route includes public roads and uneven, offroad ground. Please plan your run in advance and take care on the route. Anyone following the route does so at their own risk. Current UK Athletics recommendations on health and safety are that iPods and MP3 Players should not be worn whilst racing.

Challenge 2: Run 10k – Personal Challenge Race – Any 10k Route

If you’re not able to get to the Pangbourne area or if you fancy completing a different route, run any 10k route between 20
September – 18 October.

Submit a screenshot of your running tracking app showing that you ran a 10k route, and tell us why this personal challenge is important to you.

For those combining a personal challenge with sponsorship or a donation of more than £15, you will be eligible for a medal. If you are just entering for fun and fitness and not making a donation, please
use this category.

Challenge 3: Run 10k – Personal Challenge Race – 10k In Stages – Any Route

For those who would prefer not to run 10k in one go, but who would still like to participate, you can submit screenshots of any number of runs, adding up to a distance of 10k.

For those combining this multi-part personal challenge with sponsorship or a donation of more than £15, you will be eligible for a medal.


If you would like to run 10k as a team, share out the distance among your group and submit screenshots of each of your runs, which total 10k.

For those teams combining this multi-part personal challenge with sponsorship or a donation of more than £15 per entrant, you will be eligible for a medal


For any children wishing to run any distance individually, we welcome shorter distances being run.

For those raising sponsorship of more than £5 you will receive a special children’s medal.

Participation Certificates are available for all children who complete a challenge run.

Disclaimer: Parents are responsible for the health and safety of their children participating in the Pangbourne 10k – Your Way.


For individuals, families or teams, travel 10k under your own steam (i.e. no powered vehicles allowed!) in the most unusual way you can think of. You don’t have to run! An unusual way to travel 10k might mean a different way to move, moving with props or in costume, or a very different location for your 10k. Submit photos and screenshots of your route, to qualify for our special Unusual Travel prize!

Some ideas might include:
10k with a dog
10k Walking
10k In Fancy Dress
10k in an Unusual Location
10k Uphill
10k At Work
Team 10k Hopping, Skipping or Dancing

Those raising sponsorship or donations of £15 per adult and £5 per child qualify for prize entry.


Make your donation at our Just Giving page 


Ask your sponsors to visit our justgiving page and make a donation, mentioning your name.


Visit our justgiving page and make your donation – don’t forget to say which runner you are sponsoring!


Once you have done your race, log your details at survey monkey so we can send you your prize.

Results from previous years

All race results from the last 4 years are available linked to below from raceresult.com

2019 Race results
2018 Race results
2017 Race results
2016 Race results

You can email us at info@fopps.org.uk
or contact us through the school at the following address:

Friends of Pangbourne Primary School
Kennedy Drive

tel: 0118 984 2315
fax: 0118 984 1225

FOPPS is a registered charity: 1067731